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A Divorce Help, Coping and Recovery Guide
For Men and Women!

Get Over A Divorce Guide

You are probably thinking, "I can't believe I'm getting a divorce. My marriage was supposed to last forever." It's not the end of the world; although, it does seem like it! Help is here and life does get better after a divorce!

This guide was compiled to walk you step-by-step through your journey on getting over a divorce and coping with a divorce! You will cry, get angry, probably threaten to kill or hurt your ex and eventually get over it! I have been there and know exactly how you feel and the thoughts that run through your mind.

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After Reading Get Over Divorce
Guide You Will Be Able To...

  • Understand the predictable phases of thinking and acting after a divorce
  • Better cope with the insecurity, uncertainty and emotional damage you suffered
  • Control your anger and temporary hatred
  • Avoid staying depressed, lonely, lost and deserted
  • Understand why you should not have sex with your ex
  • Cope with your revengeful feelings
  • Identify how long it will take for you to finally get over your ex
  • Understand there is an end to the pain and suffering
  • Realize why having many sexual encounters after a divorce is not abnormal
  • Understand not everyone you meet is the one for you
  • Understand why you should stay out of new relationships for a while
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The Get Over Divorce Guide
was created to help you if:

  • Your spouse surprised you and asked for a divorce
  • You are unable to deal with your emotional mood swings during, and after, the divorce
  • You are unsure of what to do next to maintain your sanity
  • You are terribly confused, unable to focus and need a game plan to make it through the divorce recovery
  • You want to deal with the anger and pain properly

It is important to note the information contained in the Get Over A Divorce Guide will not solve all of your problems but it will assist you in building a foundation to start your new life.

Also, if you have divorced and live with your ex this guide cannot help you. Not having your own space would make it almost impossible (and very, very difficult) to move forward with your life. If you are in the process of getting a divorce and expect to be separated physcially from your soon to be ex the guide can definitely assist you.

Get Over A Divorce Guide

Get Over A Divorce Guide

Your Life Does Get Better

The pain is unbearable. The thoughts are endless. Depression may be creeping in. Yet, you can Get Over A Divorce, move forward with your life and chalk it up as a lesson learned without it being detrimental to your health and well being.

Divorce and Children

Divorce Bonus #1:

Is It My Fault?

You will discover how divorce affect your children, what you need to do to make it easier on them and let them know, "It is not their fault!"

Best Divorce Resources

Divorce Bonus #2:

Best Divorce Resources

There are tons of resources on the Internet, yet all of them are not good. I've saved you countless hours and will provide you with best and most reliable online divorce information.

It's Time To Move Forward

I suffered from a failed marriage and it literally drove me crazy mentally. Having the information in the guide will definitely help you with:

  • The thousands of "I want to kill myself. My life is over!" feelings
  • The hatred and anger you have boiling up within you
  • The confusion and wondering, "What do I do now?"
  • Your inability to think rationally knowing you need too
  • The thoughts that another person would replace you and play your role with the children (this was a tough one for me as a man)
  • And so much more

My goal is to help you get pass this point in your life and prevent you from doing something stupid and emotional you may regret later.

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Shawn Nelson

P.S. You don't have to suffer, wallow in self-pity, question whether you were good enough or your self-worth! Let me help you get over this temporary hump and get back on the happy track! If I can do it I know you can! Click the link above or below to get your copy of he How To Get Over A Divorce Guide today!

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